Can you please advise me on how treat my health problems caused by candida?

Matheus Martins -

You should be on Dr. Sircus entire protocol to get rid of your candida, and this would include the sodium bicarbonate along with magnesium chloride and iodine. 

In the book Treatment Essentials Dr. Sircus describes a colon protocol used to eliminate systemic candida at the source.

Treatment Essentials is available here:


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    Carol Blackwood

    I am finding that your answers to questions are not definitive. I have read the book Treatment Essentials, thinking it would give clear protocols as it states it is the definitive book of protocols, but there is nothing clear about it. I can not put together my own treatment plan from this book. I am very disappointed.

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    Pura Saldivar

    I have candidate a lot and I want to treat it.

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