What is the indicated protocol for memory loss ?

Matheus Martins -

Low magnesium levels definitely do cause problems with memory, so make sure to keep your magnesium levels up with the use of magnesium oil .  This will also help a lot with insulin resistance and prevention of problems such as high blood pressure.

Other supplements that reportedly help with memory loss are those based on Ginkgo Biloba, and can be easily found in any health food store.   

The supplements for memory loss that are based on ginkgo biloba improve the blood flow to the brain. By doing this, they help the nervous system to function properly. In addition, these supplements prevent the cholesterol from  turning  into plaque that forms on the arteries. The plaque worsens the blood flow, which leads to stroke and eventually to memory loss.

Other supplements for memory loss are based on green tea and ginseng. Both these herbs are rich in antioxidants and enhance the general health of the people, not only the memory. Ginseng is also considered an energy booster, fact that makes it very efficient in the treatment of depression.

One other supplement you might want to look into is L-arginine which also reduces plaque in the blood vessels to the brain and is beneficial to preventing complications in diabetes.   

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