I am in desperate search to cure my eczema.

Matheus Martins -

You can make a paste of sodium bicarbonate and water and apply it to the affected areas. Another possible remedy for your problem is the use of CBD or cannabis cream to apply topically. Dr. Sircus has been researching this and finds it to be a wonderful addition to his protocol. Cannabis cream is made from hemp and contains none of the psychoactive THC that's found in marijuana, but instead has high amounts of CBD or cannabidiol which is another component of marijuana and hemp.  This is also legally sold in all of the US and Europe.


And here is an article found online discussing the use of medical marijuana and eczema:


You should also read Dr. Sircus' book on Medical Marijuana which you can find here:


You might also consider the use of transdermal magnesium oil and get on Dr. Sircus' full protocol which would help you a great deal.

See:  http://drsircus.com/medicine/natural-allopathic-medicine-protocol-components

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