Can you please point me in the direction of any helpful information on endometriosis - specifically if for any kind of nutritional therapy.

Matheus Martins -

Stress plays a big role in the picture to cause uterine tension and toxicity, often worsened by nutrient deficiency-especially magnesium. Cycles of stress and deficiency create a pattern of hormonal imbalance throughout the body and in some women focus on the uterus. Specifically in endometriosis, uterine muscle tension and spasm in the fallopian tubes, due to magnesium deficiency, can contribute to uterine blood and tissue migration, and causes the pain and cramping so often experienced.  

Dr. Sircus' protocol with magnesium chloride, iodine, and sodium bicarbonate, plus other essential nutrients  can address this problem in numerous ways. The magnesium especially is important as it balances the hormones which are necessary in endometriosis (often women who obtain balance in hormones report a cessation of symptoms), and the sodium bicarbonate to balance pH and help reduce the growths in the uterus.   If you do a search on the web for magnesium and endometriosis you will find lots of supporting information.  

Iodine supplementation has also been shown to reduce and sometimes halt endometriosis.

 You might also benefit from a short consultation with Dr. Sircus about this.

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