Will magnesium oil make my endometriosis grow? As I read that endometriosis feeds on estrogen.

Matheus Martins -

The liver needs adequate magnesium to properly metabolize hormones, including the estrogens.   Dr. Carolyn Dean  may have something on her website on this as she advocates the need for magnesium when endometriosis is a problem. Endometriosis is one of her special interests. 

"Calcium and magnesium (up to 1,500 mg. of calcium and up to 900 mg of magnesium in divided doses) to help the liver more efficiently metabolize hormones "  she says, but at the same time she states that it is extremely important to balance the hormones (progesterone and estrogen) to avoid the problems that estrogen dominance will bring.   

She also tells us that magnesium will help to decrease the pain felt from endometriosis by easing the spasms of the uterine muscles and fallopian tubes if you still have them, and that it can also help shrink the tissue swelling which causes the inflammation.  You would have to use a bit of trial and error but we are confident that magnesium would help a great deal.

Topical applications of magnesium and iodine (at separate but regular intervals) have caused shrinkage of fibroids as well.

In addition to the recommendations above Dr. Sircus’ protocol employs many anti-inflammatory substances and treatments that will help with shrinking of the affected tissues and these include iodine, oxygen treatments and others. For best recommendations a consultation with Dr. Sircus is advised. 

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