What is the dose of Sodium Bicarbonate needed to maintain a healthy alkaline pH?

Matheus Martins -

Generally Dr. Sircus does not recommend any specific maintenance dose of sodium bicarbonate to maintain pH. Instead daily checks of your pH with litmus paper should be made and the dose of sodium bicarbonate should be adjusted according to the pH reading... adding more or less as indicated.

Some people find they can take a regular dose of bicarbonate daily with little problem, but for others long term use may cause problems... if you are using it long term be sure to supplement with Folic acid as this can be depleted.

A break from using sodium bicarbonate should also be taken every 2 weeks and the necessary lifestyle and dietary changes should be make to remain more alkaline without needing so much bicarbonate.

Please feel free to obtain a consultation with Dr. Sircus if you want or need further guidance.


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    Dr. Sircus mentioned using potassium bicarbonate with sodium bicarbonate for a sodium potassium balance. Can potassium sulfate be used if potassium bicarbonate isn't available?

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    Robert wilame Beazley

    i have prostate cancer can you help

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