Do you have any advice for treating ulcerative colitis (bleeding) and did test positive for parasites.

Matheus Martins -

You will benefit from getting on Dr. Sircus protocol of magnesium chloride, iodine and sodium bicarbonate.  You would need to read up on these things on Dr. Sircus' sites and/or to seek a consultation with him  to provide him with more detailed information and to determine dosages.

Iodine not only is effective against many parasites, but it is needed by the thyroid which, if it has enough, uses iodine to kill parasites in the blood.   Magnesium is necessary for proper immune functioning and is an anti inflammatory.

Iodine and magnesium oil are available from LL's magnetic clay company at:

These things plus a program of supernutrition and use of probiotic such as Prescript Assist from LL’s Magnetic Clay will be very helpful.  See our protocol page for links to these recommended items.

Use of the Deta elis bioresonance device for your condition will eliminate all pathogens with prescribed use.


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    Sound like a true progress in medicine.
    Sad it is that the pharma still keep the believers in the woods... and control the 'over population' of 8.5 Billion with killer drugs in the air, soil and body, but, the truth cannot be buried any loner!
    I stopped donating to all causes of disease, because these were created, instead I turned off the media and tv and I think for myself.
    Wonderful progress is on its way and Russia will be the first nation to embark on a spiritual path...
    I am optimistic that my next incarnation on this planet will be a positive experience.

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    Cristina Jose

    Yeah, I agree with you, Bianca. But the people that outnumbered those who are on the natural substance as a medicine. No one knows if that is going to change in the future generation.

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