How can your protocol help me with my menstrual problems ?

Matheus Martins -

Magnesium often has a great deal to do with the hormones in our bodies and many people with menstrual or other female problems find a great relief when they get their magnesium levels up where they belong. Dr. Sircus recommends using transdermal magnesium oil, which is applied to the skin on a daily basis or used in baths. It takes about a month or so for magnesium levels to get up to normal but many feel the difference within a few days.

You can read more about magnesium in Dr. Sircus’s book Transdermal Magnesium. Please read it and see if you have any of the symptoms of deficiency of magnesium. There is a full chapter in this book on magnesium and hormones and how it affects women. Here is the link for the ebook

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