I have colitis and suffer from cramps and diarrhea . Can you help me with your protocol ?

Matheus Martins -

Sodium bicarbonate may indeed be helpful but magnesium is also needed along with it. What you can try is take some bicarb. in water... about 1/4 to 1/2tsp in a glass of water... and make sure to use magnesium oil transdermally on your skin or in baths or you can put a few sprays into a separate glass of water to drink but if you do this you must go very slowly to avoid further diarrhea….stick to use on the skin for now.  Pay attention to how you respond and don't over-do the baking soda. A consultation with Dr. Sircus will provide more personal  guidance on this. Reports from people show that this combination helps and some report they only need to do this 2 times per week, though Dr. Sircus would advocate daily use of magnesium to make sure those levels are adequate. The importance of raising alkalinity in these bowel problems is important. Iodine may be a good idea in killing this mycobacterium .Probiotic use and CBD or medical marijuana can also be effective. Please see the full protocol here (with links to recommended products).


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