I feel dizzy. Can your protocol help me ?

Matheus Martins -

Dizziness can be caused by many things, low blood pressure, inner ear conditions, lack of adequate blood flow to the head, infections, chemotherapy side effects or disturbances in the ear canal etc.  

Vertigo (dizziness or a feeling of loss of balance) has been associated with magnesium deficiencies. It’s also associated with lack of oxygen. Many of Dr. Sircus’ protocol items address these issues. More information should be obtained before a proper recommendation can be made.

When using magnesium oil you should start with about 1 oz daily for the first month then you can cut down on the amount used. 

Reading Dr. Sircus’s relevant book/essays on the subject will answer most questions you might have. If your situation is urgent or the need for an individual reply remains you will have to schedule a consultation to speak to Dr. Sircus. Each case is different and he does not give personal advice unless he is aware of the person's specific condition and medical history.

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    Reinaldo Ziede

    eu fui diagnosticado com labirintite e gostaria de saber as causas e o tratamento por favor, gostaria de saber também se seria recomendável a lavagem dos ouvidos ok.

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    Reinaldo Ziede

    retificando quais as causas e o tratamento obrigado fui...

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