I have a granuloma faciale on the side of my nose. What can I do ?

Matheus Martins -

Sodium bicarbonate would certainly be worth a try. You can make  a paste of sodium bicarbonate and water and apply it 3 times a day.   

You might even try to apply some nascent iodine a few times/day. This will help cut down the inflammation in the area (an underlying cause of granuloma faciale). Make sure you keep your magnesium stores up to par too. Putting some magnesium oil on the area may also help decrease the granuloma. We have had reports of skin cancers disappearing after applying magnesium oil to the lesion and going out in the sunshine.   Follow Dr. Sircus’ full protocol to the extent that you can.

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    Anita Thornley

    Hi Matheus
    I too have a granuloma faciale on my nose. Could you please tell me if you have had any success with the treatment?
    Many thanks

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