What is your suggested protocol for the dreaded skin devouring epidemic (necrotizing faciitis)?

Matheus Martins -

Dr. Sircus' full protocol would be put to use in treating necrotizing faciitis. Since iodine is effective against all pathogens (bacteria, fungi, virus, etc.) this along with the other items on his protocol would be attempted.  

It is absolutely necessary to have good immune support along with a specific anti-pathogenic substance to overcome this vicious menace. This would include magnesium chloride, proper body pH with sodium bicarbonate use, and many of the vitamins and minerals that Dr Sircus talks about. Following Dr. Sircus’ full protocol to the extent you can will help to improve the immune system. Another important piece of treatment would be the use of clay packs and edible earth to stop the poisons from deteriorating any more flesh.  The absorptive and antibacterial qualities of natural clays are often effective against drug-resistant bacterial infections.

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