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Matheus Martins -

Dr. Sircus is available to take patients via his online clinic.

You can pay for the consultation here: http://drsircus.com/consultations

After sending the funds, please respond to patients intake questionnaire that you will receive by email and send it back to us with a recent picture of you attached.

Please also give us a couple of options of a date and time you will be available for the consultation - I will work that out with Dr. Sircus's agenda and will write you back to inform when your appointment will be. I also need you to inform me in which time zone you will be on the consultation day, so I can calculate the time difference in between us.

Dr. Sircus prefers to use skype for the consultation. You can download that program for free at www.skype.com(you don't need to have a web cam for the consultation, we can use skype just to talk and type. But if you do have one, that is great).

If for some reason you cannot use skype we will need a land line to call you (not possible to use cell phones)

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    Imran patel


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    Imran patel

    Hello Sir, I look white in my throat and my tongue's blisters has not healed for 5 months
    I don't know what is this problem help me how can check this doctor

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