Can´t open my ebook

Matheus Martins -

Please follow instructions below on how to download and read this book: 

- open up Adobe Digital Editions (if you did not install that yet in your computer, you can download it for free at:

- download the ebook attached to this message 

- On the top left corner of Adobe Digital Editions click “File” and then the “Add to Library” 

- Find the folder where your book is at and select it. (then your ebook will be added to Adobe's library) 

- double click your book to start reading. 

(if you would like images to illustrate these steps please visit

You should be able to access your ebook this way.

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    Angela Ashley

    I cannot open my ebook nor is there a "file" button at the top of Adobe Digital editions. I downloaded ADE on my android. I have the file in my documents and when I click to open with ADE, adobe opens buy then nothing happens, the file isn't there. Is there anything else I can try?

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