Want to buy the Survival Medicine for the 21st Century ebook.

Matheus Martins -

Unfortunately we were not able to convert Survival Medicine to epub, that is why it is shown as sold out in our store. However we have it in the old format (HTML) and we can sell it for those who are interested. This format can be read in computers running windows or mac, but does not work in ebook readers.

You can download Survival Medicine to check the format, the table of contents and open and read the first chapter. Please use one of the links below:

http://www.winningcancer.com/arquivos/survival_medicine.exe  (for Windows)

http://www.winningcancer.com/arquivos/survival_medicine.zip  (for Macintosh)

To read further to the other chapters you will need an username and password, that is provided upon purchase. In that case please get in touch with us and we can send you an invoice for you to purchase this ebook.

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